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Just Tryna Smash 14 Plus


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General Rules:

  • All games will be Bo3, with Top 4 being Bo5.
  • All games will be 2 Stock, 6 Minute matches.
  • In the event of a game timing out, whoever has the stock lead will be the winner. If both players have the same stock count, % lead takes the win. If both players have the same stock and %, then the players will play a 1 Stock game on the same stage to settle the tie.
  • Games ending in a Sudden Death due to a suicide kill will result in the initiator losing the game. This will not be the case if said suicide kill actually KOs the other player first (for example, Ganoncide means Ganon wins).
  • All characters allowed (Miis can have any moveset, but can only be medium size/height).
  • No Custom Moves.
  • Launch Rate set to 1.0x
  • If the game freezes or crashes as a result of a glitch or bug cause by the mechanics of your character, you will be marked for a loss of that game (not set). I've literally never seen this happen in Smash 4. If such a scenario rises without a distinguishable cause, then we'll just replay the game (honestly this is low key, so no reason to get bent out of shape).

Stage/Character Picks:

  • Game 1 will always have a blind character pick. Upon request, a third part can be brought in to be told in secret what your character pick for Game 1 will be to keep this as blind as possible.
  • In Game 1, one player will strike one of the three starter stages. The second player will then pick from one of the two remaining stages
  • The winner of Game 1 will be allowed to strike 1 stage. The loser will then be allowed to pick the stage of Game 2 from the list of starter and counterpick stages. This now includes Dream Land 64 and Ω Stages. Striking Battlefield will also count as a strike for Dream Land 64, and striking Final Destination will also count as a strike for Ω Stages.
  • Striking stages only counts for the next game played. For example, striking Battlefield for Game 2 does not ban Battlefield or Dream Land for Games 3, 4 or 5.
  • Best of 5 sets still have one strike given to the winner of the last game played, and the same rules for starter stages.
  • Dave's Stupid Rule is not in effect. Players can choose to counterpick to a stage they previously won on in that set, unless of course it is striked.
  • All stage rules can be dismissed in the event that two players mutually agree to play on a particular stage. This counts for otherwise illegal stages as well.
  • After picking the stage for Game 2 and beyond, the winner of the last game will pick their character (stay or switch), and then the loser of the last game can decide their character pick based on this (in short, loser can counterpick character after stage is picked).


  • Battlefield
  • Final Destination
  • Smashville


  • Town & City
  • Dream Land (64) (alternate to Battlefield)
  • Ω Stages (Alternate to Final Destination)

For Ω Stages, only the following are allowed:

·         Bridge of Eldin

·         Coliseum

·         Delfino Plaza

·         Gamer

·         Jungle Hijinxs

·         Kalos Pokemon League

·         Kongo Jungle 64

·         Mario Circuit

·         Mario Circuit (Brawl)

·         Midgar

·         Norfair

·         Orbital Gate

·         Palutena’s Temple

·         Pilotwings

·         Pokemon Stadium 2

·         Port Town Aero Dive

·         Skyloft

·         Skyworld, Halberd

·         Suzaku Castle

·         Temple

·         Wii Fit Studio

·         Wily Castle,

·         Woolly World

·         Wrecking Crew

·         Wuhu Island

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